Nanoxin Baby mask

Nanoxin Baby Mask containing Nano-PAN Fibers

    1. NanoScale Certification

    2. 2019/01/21
    3. 2020/01/20
Introduction Application Properties Advantage Of Using Nanotechnology Manual And Maintenance

Cause of different pollutions in air and in order to breathe fresh air, use of masks is grown and children must use masks to protect themselves because they are among susceptible group and air pollution can harm them more than other people. the phrase 'susceptible group' is refered to children, elders and patients suffering from breathe disorder. Softness of mask and not having allergic effects on child’s skin are advantages of this mask. Dust absorbance efficiency and pressure drop are among the most effective specifications of a mask performance. Aggregation of humidity and heat as a result of child’s exhale has negative effects on mask performance. In this product the mentioned problem has been solved by much cause of the valve on it and can be placed on child’s face in a suitable way using the adjustable band on it and avoid pressure on child’s face. Nowadays masks performance in dust absorption and pressure drop is much more improved using Nanotechnology. Nanoxin child mask is designed for use children and enjoys improved dust absorption in compare with usual masks. Also, having no allergic effects on child skin, softness of mask inner layer, suitable size for child face and variety of colors are among advantages of this product.

This mask is used for children

This mask contains 5 layer which its inner layer is compatible with child’s face skin and won’t show allergic effects. This mask can also be used for some patients and people with sensitive skin.

Besides this mask has valve and the tension of mask on face can be adjusted using its band.

A layer of PAN Nanofibers is coated as the middle layer of the mask which can absorb 80-100% of particles bigger than 300 microns. The value of ‘Absorption efficiency’ of this product was evaluated through international standard EN779 ‘Classification of particulate air filters’ which results are as follows:

  • Avoid humidity and direct sunlight
  • Every mask is packaged in plastic bag in a paperboard pack
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