N99 five-layer mask containing nanofibers

N99 five-layer mask containing nanofibers

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Introduction Application Advantage Of Using Nanotechnology Manual And Maintenance

The most serious occupational diseases due to the abundance, risk level and prevention capabilities are lung diseases. Nanofibers Masks made of multiple layers (6 layers) that one of the middle layers contains nanofibers with nonometric diameters. Nano fiber layer is to prevent harmful particles entering to the respiratory system of human body. The other layer is containing carbon active which can cause to absorb the poison gas and toxic vapor. Due to the use of nanofibers in this breathing mask, the efficiency of this mask improved compared with similar mask in markets. FFP3 masks protect the human respiratory system during the welding, extractive, cutting and etc. The professional ergonomic of masks causes it to be placed on the face without any leakage.

Filters containing nanofibers are used for polluted industry due to the very high surface area. The polluted industry like cement, glass, mining, sandblast are creating a lot of dust.

Fiber modified masks for absorbtion of below micron particles. The value of "filtration efficiancy" was evaluated using international standard EN 779, "Classification of particulate air filters" which results are as follows:

Evaluation of absorbed dust on filter is indicator of its efficacy. as it's noticed in the above table, application of Nano fibers on mask substrate fabric has improved filter efficacy.

  • When not in use, keep it packaged and avoid dust
  • Prevent wet places
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