Multifunctional Cleaner Solution

Multifunctional Nano-Emulsion Cleaner

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    2. 2015/09/15
    3. 2016/09/13
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    1. NanoScale Certification

    2. 2021/01/02
    3. 2024/01/02
Introduction Application Properties Advantage Of Using Nanotechnology Manual And Maintenance Safety And Package
The role of environmental cleaning is to reduce the number of infectious agents that may be present on surfaces and minimize the risk of transfer of micro-organisms from one person/object to another, thereby reducing the risk of cross-infection. Usual detergents have not necessarily germicidal effects and to complete the cleaning, appropriate disinfectants should be used. Current antimicrobial product, unlike similar products is not alcohol-based and is water-based. Also, unlike similar products that have acidic or alkaline power and cause damaging the surfaces, it isn’t acidic or alkaline and not hurt the Surfaces.
Mehrtash strong multi-purpose cleansing liquid is usable on surfaces, in bathrooms, ceramics, tiles, washing sink, cooker and other metal and wooden surfaces.
  • Made from biomaterials
  • Without any harmful chemicals
  • Unique cleaning power
  • Suitable for any kind of surfaces
  • Antibacterial and completely disinfects surfaces
It is worth mentioning that all the amazing above mentioned characteristics are due to the exploitation of usage of the nano-technology and particles display their extraordinary particulars when nano-sized.
The similar domestic and foreign products have a stench which is caused by the evaporation of volatile matter and their usage especially in closed spaces faces serious problems although different essences are applied in large quantities and the least of the problems are breathing problems and asthma and should be kept away from; therefore, Mehrtash strong and multi- purpose cleansing liquid has been formulated in a manner that it contains no volatile matter whatsoever and does not have the problems of the above mentioned products.
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