Nanotechnology Increases the Profitability of Poultry Farming

Industrialization of poultry farming has led to both more profitability and greater attention being paid to maintaining food health. Purposefully control of pathogens is one of the most important issues that need to be addressed in the poultry industry in order to increase production efficiency by reducing farmed bird mortality. Therefore, disinfection of poultry farms is of great importance.
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Proper selection and application of suitable disinfectants can greatly reduce the use of antibiotics and the rapid outbreak of pathogens in herds and their mortality during the flock grow-out. Among the disinfectant, mineral-based disinfectants due to the long duration of chemical stability, environmental compatibility, lack of drug resistance, and their effect on a wide range of viruses, bacteria, and, fungi have been more welcomed by poultry breeders.


The Magic of Nanotechnology to Fight Against Microbes
In the age of nanotechnology and the dramatic growth of this industry, and considering its many benefits, the researchers of Nano Pooshesh Felez Co. using this technology have succeeded in producing a non–chemical and environmentally-friendly disinfectant, called Nanobiocide NF, which in addition to many of its benefits compared to chemical and alcohol-based disinfectants, it lacks many of their disadvantages and problems.



Nanobiocide NF is used in large and small animal husbandry and poultry industry. This product is used as spray for disinfection of pond at the entrance of poultry production salons, disinfection of poultry farms including breeding halls, ceilings, walls, beds, windows and around the halls, also disinfection of poultry drinking and feeding equipment, disinfection of water tanks and water transfer routes to the interior and eliminating biofilms in water pipes and reservoirs, and disinfection of feed warehouses (walls, ceilings, floors, equipment and mixer, wheelbarrow, etc.) are among the uses of this product.


Nano-biocide NF can be used to fertilizer disinfection to reduce the unpleasant odor and prevent the spread of contamination. Disinfection of clothes and personal belongings of workers (boots, gloves, and jackets), disinfection of poultry cages and chicken hatchery machines, disinfection of chicken transport trucks, disinfection of slaughterhouses (Ceiling, walls and floor), disinfection of all slaughterhouse's equipment and Packing halls, and disinfection of air conditioner and water cooler filters which results in a sharp reduction in microbial load of air and the environment of the farm.


Exceptional Advantages of a Nano Disinfectant
The main competitive advantages of this product including higher durability (no degradation and evaporation of silver nanoparticles), no inhalation toxicity, cytotoxicity, oral toxicity effects, and cutaneous allergy (for the user, livestock and poultry), the significant reduction in unpleasant odors and contaminating gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide and air conditioning. It does not generate resistance, compatibility, and mutation in microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and fungi), and has not corrosion effect on surfaces, tools and equipment, and also improves the conversion factor.


Reducing the microbial load and consequently significant pathogens reduction in the farm such as Influenza and Bronchitis, New Cassel, Gumboro and etc. and accelerating its recovery, preventing the spread of poultry respiratory diseases, significant savings in costs and increased profitability are other benefits of this product.


Does this Product Have Necessary Approvals and Permissions?
Nano Pooshesh Felez Co. was established in 2006 and currently has 14 commercialized and delivered products. In addition to Nano Scale certificate received by Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC), Nano Pooshesh Felez Company has been able to receive a license from Iran Veterinary Organization, type approval of Nanotechnology Committee based in Veterinary Organization, and positive confirmation of required tests from related organizations for this product.


Nanobiocide NF, as the first licensed product manufactured by Iran Veterinary Organization in the field of nanotechnology, was unveiled by Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology and the head of Iran Veterinary Organization and the secretary of the Nano Committee based in Iran Veterinary Organization.


The nominal capacity of this product is 320,000 liters per year and given that the license for this product was issued in October 2018, it is anticipated that by the end of this year 30,000 liters of the product will be sold on the market. It is worth mentioning that as many as 15 people are employed in the production and sales sectors.


Currently, Nano-Tajhiz Darman-Ara Co. has been concluded counter- cooperation contract with Nano Pooshesh Felez Co. as a marketing team of Nanobiocid NF disinfectant solution. Also, several veterinary drug distribution companies in the country in the provinces of Tehran, Fars, Khorasan, Bushehr, Khuzestan, and Yazd were determined as representatives of the provincial distribution of this product.


The main customers of this product are poultry farms, large and small livestock, and poultry clinics and hospitals.


Learn more about Nanobiocid NF produced by Nano Pooshesh Felez Co.
Silver nanoparticles in Nanobiocide NF will be affected through active oxygen production by silver nanoparticles, the transformation of microorganisms (combined with sulfur in cellular RNA) and increasing the positive charge of silver in nano dimensions, which destroys the cell membrane of microorganisms.


Nanobiocide NF with peroxidation of lipids and membrane proteins, disruption of bacterial membranes, and changes in the activity of enzymes can destroy bacteria and fungi by destroying the cell wall of the bacteria.


By sticking to the antigen receptors and breaking the cover of the viruses, Nanobiocide NF destroys viruses. Spraying nanobiocide in contaminated areas reduces the environmental pollution burden and prevents the spread of contamination.


For more information about the products of the company, please visit the company's page at Iran Nanotechnology Products website.

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