How does Nanotechnology Prevent Building Collapse During a Fire?

High-rise fire, especially in metropolises such as Tehran can be catastrophic. Installation of electrical and mechanical services in buildings, the use of burning materials and development of the electricity supply system, energy distribution networks has increased the likelihood of fire in buildings. Fire safety design requirements for buildings is one of the important issues that should be considered when designing and starting construction work.
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Structural Fire Protection
One of the most important priorities in building design is to provide fire safety. In order to provide fire safety and rehabilitation of the building against fire, it is necessary to use appropriate building materials and finishes. Therefore, the designer must be aware of the specifications of building materials and fire protection systems and make the right choice to fit the building's specifications. The resistance of structural steelwork frame against high temperature caused by the fire is important because the high temperature has no effect on building resistance and all building occupants can be evacuated safely in the event of a fire. For this purpose, in many cases, it is necessary to use fire-resistant coatings to retard fire and resist burning throughout building components.


Nanotechnology, Tough Opponent of Fire
Alvan Paint & Resin Production Co. using the latest knowledge in the field of nanotechnology has been succeeded in producing a cement – based mineral coating for fire protection in accordance with internationally recognized standards. The steel elements used in building structures at a temperature of approximately 530 degrees Celsius reach to softening point and deformed. Standard concrete also at high temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius undergo failure and severe decreasing of mechanical properties and even cracking and the collapse of the building.


The main function of the fireproofing coatings is to retard reaching the temperature of the structure to the critical temperature in the event of the fire. So that before the collapse of the building can be completed firefighting and rescue operations. The use of cement coatings containing nanoparticles up to 150 minutes delayed the structural destruction. The fire protection cement – based mineral cover manufactured by Alvan Co. is designed according to internationally valid standards to protect structures against fire.


Optimal mechanical properties, suitable adhesion, high fire resistance, extreme thermal retardation, and the absence of any smoke or toxic gases are among the unique features of this product.


Application of Nanotechnology in the production of fire protection cement-based mineral cover improves mechanical properties, setting time, the static and thermal resistance of the product.


Does this Product have Necessary Approvals and Permissions?
Alvan Paint & Resin Production Company started its activity in 1981 and by evaluating and assessment of raw materials, new technologies and services have improved its products and production processes. Keeping up to date with the latest technologies and innovation, this company has been able to meet the needs of its customers. In addition to Nano Scale certificate received by Alvan Paint & Resin Production Co., the product of fire protection cement – based mineral cover (AFC-400) has been received a license from Road, Housing & Urban Development Research Center. The biggest challenge in the design and production of this product was the absence of the accredited laboratory inside the country, so Alvan Paint & Resin Production Company inevitably spent expenditure of foreign exchange on laboratories abroad to perform product performance test in full-scale simulation (EN 13381-4).


It should be noted that while using this product, you will need to consult the experts of this company and coating thickness tables.


Learn More about Alvan Cement-based Fireproof Cover
Alvan cement-based fireproof cover can be used to protect against fire and explosions in such case of residential, administrative, commercial, industrial and educational buildings, power plants and refineries, parking lots and swimming pools, various types of concrete and steel structures, petrochemical industry, fuel silos, chemical industry centers, tunnels, industrial factories, hotels and hospitals.


The fire protection cement-based mineral cover manufactured by Alvan Company has the ability to compete with featured imported products, and compared to those products could be mentioned features such as lower required thickness (better thermal insulation), better static, longer durability, greater strength, high-speed hardening.


The research and development unit (R & D) of the company does not only work in the field of color combining but also providing new solutions for better and longer protection of personal, national and commercial assets, from homes to factories, from roads and bridges to furniture and furnishings, from boats and ships to refineries and various industries are at the top of the list of its activities.


It is worth mentioning that the specialists of the research and development department of this company designed and presented a collection of enhanced colors with Nanotechnology, which compared to conventional colors have more sustainability and durability. Each of these colors has unique properties including fire protection, protection against electromagnetic waves, waterproof, antifungal and antibacterial properties, breathability, durability in adverse environmental conditions and many other cases.

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