Sharif Solar
IRASOL is the leading producer of equipment for solar cell testing and fabrication in Iran. IRASOL is a well-known brand by Sharif Solar company, which has been established in 2012 by the very first graduates and researchers in this field in the prestigious Sharif University of Technology. Amongst our team of physicists, chemists and engineers we have hand-on experience with PVs, thin films, and printable solar cells. We offer a wide range of quality products and services for researchers and start-ups to jump-start their R&D programs and projects. IRASOL R&D team is based in Sharif University of Technology, and enjoys an extensive local network with academics, researchers as well as governmental institutes across the country.
Central Office
  • Central Office
  • Tehran
  • Tehran
  • Postal Code : 14588-83504
  • 021-54406099-66098477-47625761
  • 021-89778214
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