Iran Doorhandle Company started its activities in 1361 with the aim of designing and producing a variety of Doorhandle and plaques, and over time, added to the number and variety of products. According to the market requirement, the company has designed and developed a series of products such as locks, cylinders, clothes hooks , and other types of Doorhandles and plaques, and continuously strives to produce products that are consonant with different tastes to satisfy their customers. All of these products are under the control of ISO 9001 Quality Management System from IMQ Italy, and are manufactured from the best raw materials (Zamac, Brass, etc.), according to the type of product and application, and are covered by the 5 year technical guarantee of the company. The use of the bar code system (tracking and identification) to increase the speed and accuracy of product supply is a positive factor in delivering the product of Iran Doorhandle Company. Through its 36 years of experience, Iran Doorhandle Company has gained countless achievements with the support of experienced and expert staff that during this time, these experiences and achievements have been continuously taken into consideration by the company's executives, and the prospect of the company's future. Using the technology of the day, Iran's Doorhandle company has taken a step further in meeting its demands and ads to its facilities and technology with a view to changing its future. Buying new and up-to-date machines to improve the quality, speed and precision of robotic systems is one of the company's efforts to achieve its goals. Although the beginning was a difficult one, now, with reliance on your trust, permanent companions, based on our 36 years of knowledge and experience, are seeing our path towards a smoother upgrade and development. Years passed and years are coming.
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  • 021-66708045
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